Work Music: the Case of the Ramada Inn

Ramada Inn by Neil Young is an epic song to carry out work to -- or, as I'm sure my English teacher once would have had me have it, "an epic song to which to carry out work". Even the folks at the Rolling Stone magazine seem to like it, it's at no. 5 on their list of the best songs of 2012.  

In my experience, different kinds of music tends to be good to do different things to, and then obviously some people like classical music, some like jazz, some techno, while others, for no obvious reason, are into Bieber, Cyrus, Timberlake and the likes of them. Yet, regardless of what you like, this song is just a little different for our specific purpose. Let me explain why:

First, it's an old-school, great, great Neil Young song with his signature high-gain open chords and 5-notes-or-so solos. What more do you need?

Second, it's almost 17 minutes long. This is key. This means you can shut down your email, put it on, dive right into almost any task, and often finish it before the song ends. It's like a mini-sprint for yourself. I'm trying to squeeze in at least one such session a day. Among other thing, this actually got me redesigning my homepage, finally. Let's just say that last time I managed that we didn't have iPhones.

 "Every morning comes the sun."