Woodbot Pilots

Using a 3D camera to track the user's body movement, we provided a simple and fast-to-learn style of interaction with a large public, interactive installation

Relax. Take a deep breath. Spread your wings and fly like a bird. How quickly you can reach the goal?

You stand in the reception hall in Skellefteå Airport, in front of an 82 inch touch screen with an ultra-modern 3D camera that lets you control characters called Wood Bots. A breathtaking game experience in which your body's movements are used to navigate the gaming environment, but its more than a pastime for those who are waiting for departure or arrival. Much more.

The installation of Skellefteå Airport is the result of a research project that ties together a number of industries and businesses in the Skellefteå innovation-driven region. It is a collaboration between numerous companies in Northern Sweden (Skellefteå Kraft, North Kingdom, Interactive Institute, Optronic and Skellefteå Airport) that wanted create a public installation to showcase the capabilities of a new 3D camera made expressly for industrial environments. The 3D Optronic camera (released prior to Microsoft's Kinect platform) interprets your movements and lets you control the Woodbot character you have chosen to fly with.


This project was carried out as a collaborative project at Interactive Institute Swedish ICTNorth Kingdom, and Adopticum with our clients Skellefteå Kraft and Skellefteå Airport.

Design Team

  • Daniel Fallman
  • Olov Vikberg
  • Ru Zarin
  • Björn Yttergren

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